Caroline Hatfield’s creative practice utilizes sculpture, installation, photography, and writing to explore themes of landscape and science fiction. After completing a Sculpture BFA at The University of Tennessee, she earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art from Towson University. Hatfield has been included in numerous publications and has exhibited artwork nationally at venues such as The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC and The Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, DE. Recent solo exhibitions include "Land and Water" at 500 X Gallery in Dallas, TX and  “Unearthing” at Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA. Hatfield is a recipient of the Trawick Contemporary Art Prize as well as a South Arts Cross-Sector Impact Grant. She lives in East Tennessee, where she works professionally as a woodworker and educator.


      I explore the concept of landscape as medium, rather than subject. Depicting strange, desolate environments and sublime forces, my work references the abstracted, altered land of our world while shifting outwards towards a science fictional realm. Sculptural landscapes composed of industrial references, geological formations, and mutable material accumulate into form, while emanating an energy of transformation and process. Elemental models, miniatures, and depictions of alternative ground are found in the balance of presence and absence, creation and destruction, artificial and organic, potential and waste.